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SOK- Association for Leftist Theory

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Official Status: Nongovernmental organization registered at the Czech Ministry of Interior under the Nr.. VS/1-1/56425/04-R




Chairman:                       Mgr. Petr Kužel, Ph.D.

Vice-chairman:               Phdr. Stanislav Holubec, Ph.D.

                                        Phdr. Václav Vondráček  


Contact                                 Stanislav Holubec

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Members of honour


Gáspár M. Tamás



According to its statute the Socialist Circle is a nongovernmental organization attempting to develop the theory and praxis of socialism as an instrument for progress, democracy, humanity and freedom.


Our statute issued on 4. July 2004 states: “We consider the capitalist form of society as unjust and irrational. We are persuaded that it could be replaced by a true socialist alternative fundamentally different from hitherto existing numerous attempts to realize it. (...) We are conscious of the fact that traditional leftist politics had failed under contemporary difficult circumstances and the contemporary left possesses no clear and convincing vision and strategy. Therefore we strive to contribute to the creation of a viable leftist theory, which will help to develop a new political praxis. We also attempt to inform the Czech public about western leftist thought and art, which is almost unknown in our country.”




·         Regular workshops (fortnightly) with presentations, discussions and activity planning.

·         Translation of leftist literature as material for our workshops/presentations/discussions. In the last five years our translations include for example: W. P. Cockshott and A.Cottrell, “Towards the New Socialism”, I. Mesárosz “Socialism or Barbarism:  Alternative To Capital's Social Order”, Immanuel Wallerstein: “European Universalism: The Rhetoric of Power” ibid. “Decline of American Power: The U.S. in a Chaotic World.” ibid. “Utopistics: Or, Historical Choices of the Twenty-first Century.” S. Žižek “The Ticklish Subject.”, Tony Meyers “Slavoj Žižek”, David Harvey "Mystery of Capital", Jacques Ranciere "La Mésentente", Ellen Meiksin Wood "The Origin of Capitalism", etc.

·         Essays on politics, academic articles and newspaper articles published by SOK members. Two collective volumes, “The Welfare State and Capitalism” (2007) and “War, Peace and Political Power.” (2009)

·         Webpage www.sok.bz with translations and essays

·         Organization of conferences with political and theoretical topics.

·         Cooperation with other leftist groups in the Czech Republic and abroad.



·         The house seminars organized by Michael Hauser in the year 2001 were the beginning of the existence of SOK. At this time leftist thinking was almost non-existent in the Czech universities. The beginnings were inspired by the tradition of Czech political dissent before 1989 as well as the tradition of “small, often disrespected but important work.” According to these traditions SOK was established as a voluntary group of active and qualified people, who demand much from themselves and at the same time attempt to gain public support for their activities. SOK cooperates regularly with German Rosa Luxemburg Foundation since the year 2007.




According to its statute, the activities of SOK are financed by subscriptions and membership fees, grants, gifts, and earnings from publishing activities.


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